I started blogging initially with one of my sorority sisters over  here, but I’ve since shuttered that project in an effort to start over/get some clean slate action going on. And by “shuttered” I mean, imported all those posts over here so we can cringe together about how annoying I used to be. I’m still just as self-involved.

I’ve since graduated with a degree in Anthropology; it’s a very exciting field (no, really) and it brings a lot of boys to the yard (none, to date).

I’m a brutally honest introvert, but an expert when it comes to faking it ’til you make it, good news, since my job requires me to be a people person — go figure. I’m a huge fan of contradictions.

I’m addicted to foursquare, burgers, bargain basement reality shows, and  can probably drink you under the table. Oh, and I’m probably the only person you know that’s allergic to root beer.

Since I don’t exactly update this site on the regular, you should probably just follow me on twitter, if you are down with that sort of thing.



One thought on “Marginalia

  1. Good Morning Nicoel,

    my name is Trev MacDonald and I belong to a small Edmonton-based web development team that has built a social marketplace online called pluggin.it (www.pluggin.it). I found you on Empire Ave (via the suggestion of Dups, aka. Duleepa Wijayawadhana, Emp Ave co-founder). Our team was talking with him about pluggin.it and our desire to get as many locally influential web users in front of the project. He, ironically, suggested I scope out a few of the top local performers in Empire Ave and there you were.

    So, we’re having a launch / release party / mixer for pluggin.it on Jan 20th (6-9pm). It’s basically some wine, some food, a demo of pluggin.it, and meeting a bunch of interesting people here in the city.

    Basically, pluggin.it allows people in Edmonton to list sale items for free, while attaching financial rewards for others who “plug” the listing within their own personal social media networks. If a legit Buyer is found by way of a Plugger, pluggin.it provides the Seller with a payment gateway to reward those Pluggers who were responsible for the respective Buyer. Cool, eh? I won’t get into all of the details with it but you are welcome to check out the site. (www.pluggin.it)

    More importantly, can we send you a party invitation to a particular email address?


    Posted by Trev MacDonald | January 10, 2011, 8:31 am

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