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Just Arrived

I’ve been on a bit of hair journey these past few months (I changed jobs/locations, and abruptly decided that that was as good a time as any to just chop off some length). Still processing that decision, but also dealing with my much shorter, and much drier, hair ever since. Got an email from the … Continue reading

Book Review: Teresa Toten’s Piece By Piece

As an immigrant myself, albeit one who has lived here for almost the entirety of my 26 years, the premise of Teresa Toten‘s anthology on Canadian immigration appealed to me on a personal level. That inevitable innocent question, “Where are you from?” is both unintentionally divisive and a reminder that you’re not quite good enough … Continue reading

A weekend of reviews

First up: Danone’s DanActive Probiotic Drink. For the purposes of disclosure, I should mention that I got the case of the yogurt drink as a freebie as part of my work as a BzzAgent. I picked up my case of the yogurt drink yesterday at Safeway, and had my first bottle last night. I picked … Continue reading

I love summer, I just wish it loved me back

On withdrawal/being a glutton for punishment. I’m getting sick of the crazy mood swings, constant narcolepsy/simultaneous jitters brought on by my allergy meds, so I’m on a self-imposed week-long detox but it’s already off to a rocky strat. The dull ache started in my jaw, and it’s moving its way up to my temples. I’m … Continue reading

A Zune Update

It’s Day 2 of actually using my Zune and I’m just getting around to uploading more music on it. I initially set it up to be used with my work computer, just as a test to see how quickly the installer would run, and I was impressed that it took less than 10 minutes. – … Continue reading

What’s in my bag? OB Kit

What’s in my bag? OB KitOriginally uploaded by aloha nico. My ob kit, courtesy of Matchstick. Really stoked on the hot water bottle, as they’re impossible to find these days. I’ve been a pretty big fan of OB tampons for a while now. I got over the initial ‘Ew, that’s gross!’ part after about 10 … Continue reading

Meet Chocolate (and Vanilla)

The trade show weekend came and went with nary a chance to catch my breath let alone sleep what with the mandatory attendance rules in effect for the party (but I skipped out early – I’m a badass, what can I say?) and the Sunday night wrap up dinner (Indian, very nice) on top of … Continue reading


I love getting stuff for free mostly because I’m a recovering packrat (my mom secretly throws out my stuff when I’m not at home) and, you know, getting stuff for free rocks. Today, I got free Thai food from my roommate who’s a leftover snob – Chase refuses to eat food once it has cooled … Continue reading

Sometimes the internet knows me better than I know myself

Half-CockedRandom Brutal Sex Dreamer (RBSDf) Fiery. Hungry. Blatant. Sexual. Christ. You are Half-Cocked. There’s a lot of wild lust inside you, banging around, that much is obvious. There’s also a lot of untamed emotion. When either escapes, look out. One minute you’re completely together, the next you’re a howling gale of hormones and opinions. Outside … Continue reading

You are cordially invited to a classy lady party

I think we (Pancake, Waffle, and perhaps Crumpet) need to get back in the habit of Wednesday Night Socials (aka. $0.75 draft night). It’s been far too long, and I’m pretty sure our server at our just off-campus watering hole misses us. Of course, we could just stay in and drink because our campus beer … Continue reading

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