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Cardinal rules

I broke one of mine this morning as I headed out to my physio appointment, for an injury too embarrassing to bother mentioning.

I’m currently clad in sweat, albeit very stylish ones from lululemon that I picked up this past weekend.

I don’t generally believe in leaving the house in elasticised cotton pants unless:

a) you’re heading to the gym, or some other physical exercise-type related place
b) you’re at death’s door — like, you’re on your way to the hopistal and do not have the energy to do up the zipper on a pair of jeans.

That’s it.

Laziness (which for some reason I initially spelled with an ‘s’ in place of the ‘z’, thus taking this whole British English kick a touch too far) isn’t really an excuse, especially if you have the time to colour coordinate it with a purse. If you’ve got time to accessorize, you’ve got time for real pants ladies.

To borrow a line from one of our sub-brands’ recent campaigns: Let’s put Saturday-night effort into Sunday afternoon.


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One thought on “Cardinal rules

  1. Those are TOTALLY acceptable to walk around in– they are SUPER cute. But I am with you on the rest of your post, seriously. DRIVES ME NUTS.

    Posted by Heather | September 11, 2010, 3:52 pm

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