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Hung Up

For someone who clams to not watch a lot of TV, I sure do follow a lot of shows. I suppose that I feel like I don’t watch a lot be because I do it on my own time thanks to the joys of time-shifting, and I’m not beholden to network schedules and the like.

I stopped by Future Shop on Friday (?) because I was on the hunt for Incase‘s new Monochrome iPhone 4 Slider Case — and for once, I’m not particularly beholden to any colour. I would enjoy any of the three that they currently offer. It’s not nearly as spiffy as my other love, the ElementCase Vapor, but it’s also not nearly as $$$, so there’s that.

I hate walking out empty-handed, so I picked up Beverly Hills 90210 Season 6 and the first season of HBO’s Hung. I had heard good things but had never taken any action and a fully unbooked long weekend was as good a reason as any.

Since Kasia has suggested it to me first, I posted a few thoughts on her facebook wall after devouring the first season in no time flat.

  • The Pilot sucked. If I had watched it when it was in its first run, I would have passed it over.
  • The show grew on me, and I’ll probably finish the first season tonight if I decide to stay in.
  • It’s still frustrating that the female lead, Tanya in this case, can’t just do her own thing and has to pine over Ray. It kind of struck me as being a little implausible past the second or third episode.
  • Anne Heche was a brilliant casting move
  • I felt like they could have explored the Jemma mindfuck a little better, it petered out a little too quickly, and then it got schmoopy. But at the time of writing it, I was only on the 6th episode. After completing the season, I stand by my initial statement. The powers that be seem to be in disagreement about the direction of the season and it feels like certain stroylines are destined to be dead ends.
  • The series needs more Lenore. But I lurked and IMDB and she’s credited for 18 episodes, so I guess I can withhold my whinging for now.

What say you? Have you watched Hung, or better yet, do you have a suggestion of a show I just need to get thoroughly enthralled with?

Current faves: Mad Men, Entourage, sadly, Gossip Girl, 90210, Melrose Place [the last two refer to both the originals, and their updated versions], and the like.


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