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“You make me hate my job!”

and other things I’d like to scream at my inept, but ultimately, well-meaning coworker.

I’m a firm believer in not doing things simply for the sake of a paycheque (and equally grateful that I’m in a position both financial, and otherwise, to be able to make such a choice, because it is one of privilege).

But everyone has their breaking point. I’ve accepted that some things just come easier to certain people through no fault of their own, but I take issue with people who seeminly make an effort to avoid educating themselves when it becomes clear that they’re lacking in an area that particularly affects their position.

I just can’t fathom someone from my generation just “not getting” technology. Really? Were you raised a cave? How do you not get email? I cannot identify with people that don’t get the appeal of smartphones and may or may not have internet access at home. Is that even a thing?!

I don’t have time to be the techno whiz kid, nor do I want to walk you through things that I’m confident a preschooler could master. Partly because I’m impatient enough as it is, and partly because it’s really not in my job description if we’re on the subject of getting technical.

I don’t care for this feeling of not enjoying the work I do, and I hate myself for letting someone get under my skin so much, but I’m about ready to rage. I vented to a friend in the know, but I really don’t know how to not make this devolve into me despising this unsuspecting coworker.

I’m sure it will pass, but yesh!

Adding to the drama at hand, my allergies have come back full-force. A fact that’s exacerbated by my forgetting to take my allergy scrip this morning and my being unable to breathe through my nose.


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