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Game. Changer.

It was unseasonably cold this weekend (and by “unseasonably”, I mean now that my pansy ass has gotten used to the warmish winters brought on by climate change, I can’t hack it.

I had a ton of running around to do for my HP job, but I managed to swing by the Apple Store Friday evening to pick up one of these.

I’ve been considering its purchase for a spell, but the fact that we’d be cooped up in the apartment all weekend spurred me into action. We have cable, always have for that matter, and a largish TV to boot, but it’s in a common area of our apartment, and with exams going on, I feel kind of guilty having it blaring 24/7 since my roommate and I are on such different schedules.

So far, I’m in love. It came with a little remote and it’s pretty unobtrusive. It’s dually powered by an AC adapter and a USB plugin. A slightly more compact model does exist, but my laptop is fairly stationary for the most part and I’m short on room so I don’t see myself ever getting another TV as long as I’m living in this condo.

Our condo is awesome, unfortunately the bedrooms are small, which led me to ditch my TV after moving out of the sorority house in 2006.

With the addition of a decently-sized monitor, I can’t see myself ever needing another TV.


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