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New favourite pastime

@foursquare finally launched in the #yeg area just in time for my bar-hopping weekend. My social calendar as of late meant that in no time at all, I ended up squarely at the top of the leaderboard for its launch week.

I’ve played foursquare (formerly Dodgeball, which was eventually sold to Google) in New York as well as in Vancouver, and the thisng I like about it the most is that it’s a great and innovative way to discover a city if you’re not overly familiar with the lay of the land.

I abused that and Google maps on my last few jaunts because I had made so many plans that I had to leave my usual comfort zones (Kitsilano and Gastown) for the gentrified Mount Pleasant, Burnaby, Victoria, and North Van.

I had one thing on my to-do list, visiting Japadog, that I never got a chance to complete, but they’ll be other trips. The to-do and tip feature is probably my favourite part of the app, because if I’m ever at a loss or stuck in a rut, I have a wealth of crowd-sourced suggestions at my fingertips.

Are you on foursquare? Add me, and maybe we’ll hang out. My friend list is pretty lacking in the Edmonton department.


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