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All Time Low*

*Not really, it’s just the name of a band I’ve been listening to, a lot, lately.

“Weightless” by All Time Low

About today’s musical selection: I hope that I’m never too old for pop-punk because it’s one of my favourite genres.

Posting over here will probably be pretty light from here on, I’m not shuttering the wordpress blog or anything, but I’m just super busy with work and since pretty much everything is blocked on the work servers, I won’t be tumbling much either. Sad but true, but with adulthood, comes responsibility, etc.

I’ve been sort of overdosing on legit good music for the past couple of weeks and I have a queue of recently released albums that I just can’t get enough of: Little Boots, La Roux, The Most Serene Republic, All Time Low, Metric, Regina Spektor, and that’s just naming a few.

I post a lot more music on my tumblr than on wordpress because it’s easier, but if you’re ever curious about what I’m listening to, this should provide the answer.

It’s my mom’s birthday today, or it was, yesterday now, and I haven’t a clue what to get her. She’s used to my gifts being late because I’ve always been a bit self-absorbed and all about doing things in my own time. I figure if it gets there withing a week and a day of the celebration, I’m in the clear.

I just need to get that under control before I go on my shopping spree tomorrow. I’ve been eyeing this cardigan for a while, and when I stopped by The Gap today they had it in stock, and I’ll likely end up buying it in every colour because it’s hella comfortable and I basically live in cardigans year-round.

It’s just after midnight, but I’m wide awake so I’m going to try to catch tonight’s episode of NYC Prep before catching a few hours sleep.

Night all.


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