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Office Politics

Someone at my new job described me as having a “positive personality” which I find a little confounding, and somewhat hilarious, because if anything I’m the office bitch/a total debbie downer, she just doesn’t know me well enough and I’m still on my best behaviour because it’s my first second week.

I tend to make friends with two very distinct groups in new sitations: the mean girls because I definitely identify with them — and the longer I’m around someone, the more those characteristics tend to bubble to the surface, despite my best intentions, and the office tryhards, because I admire their work ethic, and we tend to mesh on that level.

I’m really good at reading people/situations and ingratiating myself into established groups, and despite my introverted nature, I can make myself appear to be quite outwardly social. If you’ve read Rosalind Wiseman’s Queen Bees and Wannabes, I’m The Banker in the grand scheme of social hierarchy.

I just need to avoid my usual path of self-destruction that comes from befriending the weakest link in the office. I can already see it happening.


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I'm not angry all the time, that's just how my face is.


One thought on “Office Politics

  1. i’m usually with the mean girls too– mainly so i don’t end up with the weak links and be categorized with them. i don’t want to be seen with those who have bad work ethic, when i, myself, don’t have it. make sense?

    hope you like your new job, i have been thinking about you!

    Posted by Heather | June 4, 2009, 8:42 pm

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