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Introverted Weekend

I hardly saw Greg since he was off doing this CityChase thing, and I jumped at the chance to do nothing (to say that he’s a fan of overscheduling would be a massive understatement).

It’s not like was any different than any other weekend, since I’m always introverted, but I made less of an effort than usual to be social. The only thing that managed to convince me to leave the apartment this weekend was an all-day barbecue with some friends that share a house by the university.

It was the last last hurrah of an epic party season since two of the girls are moving out in a week to head home for the summer.

I had fun, but there was a definite awkward undercurrent to the whole thing since even the warring factions of friends made it out to bid them farewell and more than a couple tense situations flared up and at points I felt uncomfortable being as sober as I was.

Brit, Iris, and Bubba made up for it by being completely fucked up for the majority of the thing.

Towards the end of the night a bunch of our old coworker showed up, including this girl that I had to fire, but she’s always been really gracious to me so it wasn’t nearly as awkward as it could have been. She’s also well on her way to being the town bike and should really make herself a fan of sloppy seconds on facebook if such an option exists.

Normally, I really wouldn’t care about who people choose to sleep with, but she insists on judging and branding other girls as sluts, but no one can really tell what her definition of a slut actually is, and she’s never made an effort to quantify it.

Otherwise, it was a great excuse to see everyone and down regrettable cocktails of Grape Crush + Vodka and cheap beer.


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