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I Got A Lot (New New New)

I got a new iPhone yesterday because I had planned a trip to West Edmonton Mall in an effort to purchase yoga pants and shoes, yet failed on both fronts. I scheduled an appointment at the Genius Bar since I was planning to be in the neighbourhood anyway.

The backing on my old phone was separating from the metal border. Not a huge deal, the phone still worked, and it’s been like that for a good 9 months, but when I was getting my hard drive replaced on the MacBook, I asked the genius if they would cover something like that, and he said they’re not supposed to but they usually do. I passed on it at the time because the backup for my iPhone was on my broken hard drive, and I couldn’t really stomach the idea of starting over from scratch twice.

Turns out the were able to salvage pretty much everything from my hard drive, and after talking to a friend, I found out that the iPhone backups save everything (even the text messages, which were the only things I was concerned about losing, because I have a bad habit of clinging to drunken texts from old lovers). Just another reason to love the iPhone I guess, so thanks Apple!

I totally spaced on a show I was supposed to go to on Friday, so I ended up staying in and partying with friends. I don’t regret it at all, I just wish I had had the foresight to maybe write things down when I actually pay to attend something.

I think I’m going to make up for it by hitting the Pawn Shop tonight to catch C’Mon, Whitey Houston, and Pride Tiger.

After Friday’s lateness fiasco and my subsequent over-reaction, I was seriously contemplating ending my non-relationship with Greg but we went out last night and stayed up way too late bro-ing down about stuff and I think I realised that I really like him so I’m going to make an effort with respect to that starting now.

I also started crying while browsing my tumblr dashboard (a side effect of having had way, way too much to drink and still being kind of shaken by this) and ended up chatting with someone I’ve been following there for a while about death and how much easier it is sometimes to express how we’re feeling in a quickie text post than face-to-face. It’s time like this that remind me why I love tumblr so. I mean, I’ve been blogging for a while, on Blogger first, then WordPress, then back to Blogger, on to tumblr, and eventually back to WordPress while tumbling about frivolity.

There are definitely a few people that I’ve connected with on Blogger, but it hasn’t been the typical experience, at least not for me. Whereas with tumblr, I frequently email, chat up, and twitter with fellow users like it ain’t no thing because of the dashboard there, I’m constantly being fed streams of information and discovering people through others that I follow and people that follow/reblog me.

I tumble because I love the community aspect it has opened up for me, but I definitely prefer WordPress for text-based posting. That’s not to say that there isn’t room for that on tumblr, but I’ve always been the type to have multiple separate but equally important groups of friends that fulfil my various social needs and this is just an extension of that.


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