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Love/Hate Relationships

Quick, pick an artist that you love yet can’t stand at the same time. Mine would be Metric. It’s certainly not due to lack of exposure – I’ve only seen them live roughly 30 times in the past, and I own all of their albums, but I’ve just never been able to get behind them as a band. I’m pretty sure this has something to do with Emily Haines, though my recent discovery that she’s Avery Haines’ sister has endeared her to me a little bit, as has the release of Fantasies – easily my favourite album of theirs behind my runaway fave, Grow Up and Blow Away (their previously unreleased masterpiece that finally saw the light of day relatively recently).

Sure, there are a ton of Metric songs that I absolutely adore, White Gold, Hustle Rose and the recent single, Help I’m Alive, come to mind but there are just as many that I can’t stand (ahem, Monster Hospital, scratch that, it’s actually most of Live It Out) and I’m really torn as to whether I should even bother going to their acoustic show on Tuesday.

Granted, it’s an invite-only type affair so my not going is essentially depriving an equally deserving Metric fan of an experience, but I’m also not above being selfish if my cadre of recent relationships is to be taken into account, so yeah. And I’ve got a conference call/training thing for this marketing thing with a well-known California-based technology giant that same day that may cut into their set.

Basically, I just want a promise of a set list that isn’t shitty and doesn’t make me feel like I’ve wasted my time and it would go a little something like this (the order of the songs is not really set in stone):

The List

Front Row

Help I’m Alive

Soft Rock Star

Stadium Love

The Twist

The Police and The Private

The Mandate

White Gold

Hustle Rose

The Lifestyle


On A Slow Night


Rock Me Now

Siamese Cities

I know, it’s a tall order, but most of those songs translate really well to an acoustic version, and since that’s the nature of the show, just thought I’d put it out there.

So, yeah, if you’re going, I might see you there.


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