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Long Weekend

I used to have this thing against accepting offerings of money or gifts from my parents mostly because they’ve always made such a huge deal about being independent and self-reliant but when I talked to my Dad last week, he convinced me to come home for a couple of days over the holiday, especially since my favourite stepsister, Laura, would be making an appearance.

It’s been entirely too long since we last got the chance to catch up face-to-face and with her impending graduation, and subsequent European vacation plans,  it’ll be months before I see her again.

The weekend was pretty low-key, we spent a few days at the cottage, just myself, Laura, my other stepsister Melissa and my dad and stepmom Karan. I’d missed all the exciting Passover stuff so we just chilled in front of the tv and I kicked everyone asses at Boggle. I kind of hate the in-between season at my cottage because there’s not much to do beyond spending time with the fam and walking but hopefully I’ll have time to make it back during boating season.

It was a pretty stress-free couple of days, especially since my mother was out of town with her manfriend Alan and Laura dispensed sage advice on the state of my current romantic entanglements.

Definitely worth the early-morning flight home.


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One thought on “Long Weekend

  1. It sounds like you had a good weekend, which probably helped you recharge. I hope you have a great week, love!

    Posted by Heather | April 14, 2009, 8:58 pm

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