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On avoiding a trip to the Genius Bar

Uh, yeah. I kind of fucked up my computer somehow yesterday trying to change the icons on a couple of folders and my hard drive on my MacBook. It seems like a really simple task, and I assure you it is, but this dialogue box came up something about permissions, and I was all “Psssssh. No big deal. Of course!” before it really registered.

I was watching streaming episodes of Beverly Hills: 90210 because it’s a long weekend and, uh the job hunt isn’t going so well so I was taking a breather.

Because I opted to move to Alberta instead of staying in NH, Hulu and most other streaming sites don’t work so well without the help of some IP masking software. Mine suddenly stopped working, and by suddenly, I mean came to a grinding halt and it froze up my entire computer.

I figured a quick reboot couldn’t hurt and then we got stuck in a cycle of attempting to reboot only failing after an appropriately long hang time. Booting from the startup disk was out of the questions so I tried doing from the optical drive to no particular avail.

I started trying to figure out solutions on my old G3 iBook, and that was even more frustrating than the task at hand. How I used that slow motherfucker for 7 years is beyond me now.

Eventually, I got it to work and entered Disk Utility mode. It finally boots up again, but the permissions are still kinda wonky.

I guess I could take it to the Apple store to figure out what’s wrong, but I have a lot of porn on my computer – so much so that my default folder has spilled over into an overflow location for ease of use (ps, that was probably TMI but it’s too late now). The excess of porn is probably related to the fact that I’m dating a guy who is celibate (for religous reasons) but it’s bordering on an embarrssing amount.

The problem is, I can’t really delete it because I can no longer drag any files on my computer, so it all has to be done manually, and I think I’ve covered this before, but I’m lazy.

So we’ll see how well this goes. It’s Saturday now, and I refuse to brave the shitshow that is West Edmonton Mall (where our Apple outpost is located) for something this minor.

If all else fails, you’ll know where you can find me on Tuesday morning after I return from my whirlwind trip home (thanks Dad!)


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