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Things I Do Not Like: Sauces

I hate sauces and most condiments. I always have, especially ketchup, which a lot of people seem to find troubling.

This is how most conversations surrounding ketchup go:

Nico: Oh, ok, well I want that burger, but with no ketchup.
Server: None?
Nico: None.
Server: So do you want it on the side?
Nico: No, I actually don’t want it at all.
Server: [repeats order] with no ketchup

The food will get there and invariably have ketchup on it because I obviously have no idea what I want or like, and I just made that request to make myself look important and feel special.

I used to be allergic to tomatoes, I outgrew it, but I’ve never liked ketchup or tomato soup because they generally don’t taste anything like their alleged main ingredient.

I also hate it when people won’t take two seconds out of their time to just listen to what people have to say instead of interjecting.

I only thought of this because I’m seriously contemplating Subway when J swings by later and I always seem to to have to tell the person manning the counter that I don’t want lettuce (I also dislike shredded lettuce in the context of the two sandwiches I always get when I go there – seafood and meatball) at least four time.

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