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Pick My Outfit: Weighing The Options

Costume Changes

Costume Changes

OK, so I’m deciding between these 3 tops for my friend Kelly’s birthday.

Clockwise from the top:

1. The Obey Tank – which I’m leaning toward because of the limitless options and I can just wear jeans with it, negating the need to bring a purse. That’s good because we’re starting early and it’s bound to get sloppy.

2. Obey Top – I don’t know what it is about off-the-shoulder tops but I’ll never let them go. I’m convinced that I look good, ok passable, in them and I like them. Seafoam is one of those colours that looks great with my colouring, but I’m not a huge fan of. I’m also probably going to be downing bottles of Yellow Tail Shiraz, so it might get stained. Can also be paired with jeans, which means: no purse required.

3. WeSC dress/shirt. I have a couple things like this from WeSC and even though they’re marketed as dresses, they look like shirts on me/I’m not courageous enough to rock it like a dress. It will probably require leggings, and I have no idea what shoes I’d wear with this option. I really like this dress, because it’s very me, but not at the same time, so I think this would get the best reaction, but it might not be the most practical option. On the plus side, this can be worn with leggings (weather permitting) and I won’t run the risk of ripping my $300 jeans getting into Kelly’s Jeep. Conversely, it also means I’m going to have to keep tabs on a bag for 6+ hours in a crowded bar – not fun. I also don’t have any shoes in mind that I could wear with this, unless I want to risk spending that much time in my cute, but incredibly painful silver Coach flats. Also, not the best option for trudging home in the morning.

What say you?


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