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I’ve turned down two viable job offers this week – two! I just needed a record of this so that if (G-d forbid) I’m unemployed in a few weeks, I know exactly who to blame.

I feel like the biggest cocktease ever, because I go into the interview all gangbusters, and somewhere along the line, I decide it’s not what ‘m looking for (a laughable concept at best because, in actuality, I have no idea what I want when it comes to a career right now) and I spend the second half of it trying to figure out how to not decline a job offer without sounding like an ungrateful boor.

It’s awesome.

I feel even worse about that than I did when I stopped this guy, in the midst of him going down on me, because I’d changed my mind/come to my senses about what a colossal mistake it would be to let my very recent ex’s frat brother go down on me at a party the day before Valentine’s Day.

It was a really weird night, because I’m pretty sure the only thing the two of us had in common is that we both knew my ex, and we spent most of the night talking about him.

The moral of the story is that sometimes, I’m my own worst enemy.


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