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About Me

I’m not one for apologies

I’m really not.

I don’t believe in them in the broadest of senses because I’m not really sorry in the same way that you want me to be. I am sorry, that you’re such a delicate flower, and I’m sorry that your feelings were hurt, but I’m not sorry for what was said and done.

There’s a reason for everything, and everything is a learning experience of some sort. There’s not sense in looking back on yesterday and wondering what if and wishing that things could be changed.

Even if you do goad me into saying those dreaded words, know that it doesn’t count because it was under duress, and I’m probabably just placating you to avoid a fight.

I hate pointless confrontation more than I hate those words.


About Nico

I'm not angry all the time, that's just how my face is.


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