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Assorted Bits

  • I installed the new Safari 4 Beta, and I’m loving it. It’s temporarily my default browser. There are definitely things I prefer about Flock (which is basically just a tweaked version of Firefox) such as its ability to remember my saved tabs, the media integration, and the ability to search for something natively in the address bar as opposed to having to switch to the Google box at the end. That being said, I’m still super pumped on this version of Safari. I’ve always hated Safari, it feels really foreign to me, always has – this is a step in the right direction.
  • Work is frustrating as usual, but it’s getting better. My staffing situation is less dire even after firing someone a few weeks ago
  • My plans keep getting rained on, and I’m really disappointed
  • I’ve decided I’m going to Vancouver for a couple of days sometime this summer, possibly as early as May after running into an old friend who has since relocated there after breaking up with her boyfriend of years.
  • I’ve also decided that my dating standards have gotten a little out of had lately and I’ve definitely set the bar a little high – which makes me think I’m not as ready to embark on a new relationship as I’d like to think I am.

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