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Winding Down

It has been a long week to say the least, lots of up and downs, and more shakeups at work but it’s a pretty rough time of year, so that is to be expected. I decided to let loose this weekend and hit up my friends’ housewarming party. By the time Friday night rolled around, I wasn’t really in the mood – especially after my bus was a good 30 minutes late and I missed my subpoena delivery/my feet hurt after breaking in new shoes.

Friday Night

My friends are obsessed with theme parties and I, of course, think they’re incredibly lame (especially at they rate that they tend to throw them). You get one invite and it’s  a little whimsical, a few, and you start regretting going on facebook even more than usual.

Last night’s party sucked, and I’m somewhat pleased that I won’t be seeing any of the hosts for at least a day or two so that I don’t have to lie to their faces about what a blast it was. I was bored most of the time, and instantly regretted going out over say, staying at home in bed.

The arrival of my first-year university boyfriend around 3 AM was my cue to leave and I disappeared into the night without a word to anyone else.

I hate running into him, especially on my turf – these are my friends kid, and I hate having to tell people the reason we broke up because not only is it embarrassing, it’s also really, really stupid.

He will not go away and we still manage to cross paths more than I’m comfortable with.

Saturday Morning

Was ugly.  I was beyond tired (from staying up all night drinking and physically not getting enough sleep, as opposed to hungover, so I guess that’s a plus) and I could have fallen asleep standing up – shitty deal because I had work to do. I ate a lot of crap and neglected the gym for the fourth day in a row.

Saturday Night

Barely had enough energy to meet up at Starbucks for London Fogs and gossip – a delectable combination. Called it a night early and ate a donair in bed.

Sunday Morning

Was supposed to go to the gym, but I overslept by about two hours and ended up running out the door.

Sunday Night

Grocery shopped and got a prescription filled. Made salmon with asparagus and rosemary-scented basmati rice. Sat in my bed in my running tights while composing a blog post/eating.

Workouts this week:

3x Yoga and No Gym.

Goals for next week:

Depositing all the cheques that are sitting on my dresser.

Going to the gym at least 3x.

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