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Why I Run

Heather asked me how I manage to stay so on track with my workout schedule, and to be honest, I don’t know. But I don’t really watch my diet (at all), I smoke (though I’ve cut back to the point of quitting save for the occasional half-pack when I’m blitzed out of my mind), I stay up way too late (mostly due to insomnia, which isn’t being served by my Diet Red Bull/Rockstar habit), and I drink (a lot). It’s not really for weight maintenance, but that helps, it’s mostly because it makes me feel good to be in great shape.

I mostly run/do yoga to offset the complete unhealthiness of my lifestyle. I’ve been blessed with a naturally muscular body type and it really doesn’t take much effort for me to stay in shape if I actually take the time to stop stuffing food in my mouth.

For a while it was out of habit, and I’ve unfortunately gotten out of the habit after a particularly hellish 4th quarter at work which frequently saw me working 12 hours days. I also have the luxury of having a gym in my building, but I sometime wish it was open one hour earlier and an hour later daily to accommodate my schedule but you can’t always get what you want.

I used to skate and ski a lot, but I’ve recently taken up snowboarding and since I’m not nearly as accomplished at that, I find I don’t get the best workout from it.

I walk a lot, and even though I’m fond of utter garbage in the food department, I don’t eat a ton — sometimes I feel like most of my calories come from the sugar in my coffee/Starbucks pastries (and more specifically the caramel pretzels).

I know that I’ll notice the weight gain within a week or two of totally slacking off (right now my favourite jeans are hella tight, and they started off being painted on, so you can only imagine) so that’s how I keep track of my weight. I think there are two scales in my apartment, but they rarely see any use. I mostly rely on how my body feels. I don’t usually push it — if I’m feeling sick, instead of a run on the treadmill, I’ll do an intense hill climbing session on the treadmill or go for a ride on the recumbent bike (I don’t do eliptical) and I have a rigorous strengthtraining programme that I adhere to quite strictly.

I’m not perfect, I have really strong legs (from years of doing track, playing basketball and soccer as well as horseback riding and skiing) but my arms are deceptively weak, and that’s something I intend to address over the course of this upcoming year that and my inability to go to bed before 3 am.

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One thought on “Why I Run

  1. I’m definitely going to have to learn to be more motivated. I really want to learn yoga, and i want to make a point to work out at least three days a week, starting out. we’ll see if my work schedule allows that. HAH!

    Posted by Heather | January 14, 2009, 3:42 pm

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