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Saturdays are better spent in bed

I can swallow again, but my throat is still raw. I’m currently rating music on my iTunes after my shower. It’s freezing in my apartment and I should probably put on pants but this is a rare occasion (it’s usually approaching 25C in my condo) and I should probably not complain because the alternative is much worse.

I’m still kind of shocked by the major shakeups at work yesterday but I as pleasantly surprised by my boss calling me to give me the heads up, normally people aren’t exactly candid around here.

I need to go bathing suit shopping. I don’t have any trip planned (yet) but I can’t remember the last time I bought a new bathing suit – or even used my old one for that matter. I think I might get this one from J.Crew. Normally I’d be a little put off by the concept of buying a bathing suit online, but I’ve had nothing but good things to say about their bathing suits and I always get compliments on the ones that I own from them.

I need to clean my apartment but I had some unexpected schedule changes earlier in the week that upset my weekend plans, which included but were not limited to, cleaning my apartment – something that had taken a backseat to my romantic entanglements until recently.

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