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The Apple Store

I had to go to the Apple Store today.

My headphones crapped out and normally I wouldn’t care but I’ve had them for less than three months and I’m really gentle with them. I have separate headphones that I use at the gym/when I’m running (they’re actually from my old iPod so they’re almost 3 years old) that work just fine despite making it through two winters and being abused by the boys at work.

The left earbud started to go on occasion so sometime the sound would just fade out but it only happened a few times so I figured it was nothing but last night it got to the point where I had to tilt my head just so to get sound to come out. I refuse to buy new headphones/live like this.

I had to go in to work to use the internet and shit since my home internet was on the fritz and I had stuff that needed to get done.

I stopped by the Apple Store since I was in the neighbourhood, receipt in tow, and figured I’d check to see if my headphones were covered under Apple Care (and they were!) and I got a replacement wall charger for my iPhone while I was at it.


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2 thoughts on “The Apple Store

  1. Sweet! It’s nice to know somethings work out in your favor. Ear buds aren’t cheap to begin with… what are they at now, about $30, $40?

    Posted by Felix | January 5, 2009, 7:25 am
  2. I would guess that they are in that range. Since Apple Care for iPods is only $69 if I ever need another set it will have paid for itself.

    I’ve never had to actually use Apple Care before so I was pleasantly surprised that it was covered.

    Posted by Nicoel | January 5, 2009, 7:32 am

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