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Things that are only funny because it’s not my money

My boss had been dragging his heels on something that could have easily been completed a couple of weeks ago, but because of the holiday rush, things kept getting put off until yesterday at around 3 pm when I’m told, under no uncertain terms, that said package had to be sent out to a client, and that it basically needed to get there ASAP.

Of course, it’s going to Toronto, and it’s really heavy and cumbersome so it ended up costing almost $200 to overnight it, and we just barely made the day’s shipment deadline. I forgot to tell the cashier at our delivery place about our business account discount thing, but it tunrs out it only would have saved us $10 or so.

I don’t really get the purpose of the card if you’re only saving enough to be able to buy a fast food meal for one person in the office, but I digress.

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