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My voice is completely shot, and I have to run a staff meeting today

Sometimes, usually after a self-imposed detox from my prescription allergy meds, I decide that Ive made a mistake and I need to get back on them. My allergies are usually at a manageable level in the dead of winter that I can go off them for 2 months or so which is great because it means that I actually have a chance in hell of sleeping more than three hours a night and I’m less prone to sporadic fits of anger (apparently this makes me more pleasant to be around? Whatever, consider it a free preview of what I’ll be like during menopause)

I get kinda shitty side effects (hot flashes, moods swings, dry mouth, insomnia) but they’re better than being completely bed-ridden, and covered in hives unable to work 9 months of the year.

Of course I had a ton of work to catch up on today, stuff that needs to get done before our distributors close for two weeks over the holidays so I went in to work today (for 14 hours, awesome!) to tie up all the loose ends and prepare for the host of trade shows in Jan/Feb.

Somehow, over the course of the day, my boos got the distinct idea that I’m terrible at my job/bad at life and I don’t really put enough effort in. Since when is working 75 hours a week considered slacking?

Today was also the day that I started up my drug cocktail and by 1:30 I was beyond queasy but also, sweating freakishly and coughing uncontrollably. It felt like the beginnings of an asthma attack so I took it upon myself to hit the bathroom and take lunch (it’s my weekend, and I’ll do as I please).

I’ve never been reamed out over something so insignificant in my life. My job was threatened, blah, blah, blah. The whole big bad wolf routine played out before my eyes and I was simply too tired and sick to even bother fronting that I gave a fuck. I gave him a look that dared him to fire me on the spot (more time for drinking, yo) and we parted ways. He came in a few mroe times over the course of the afternoon and evening, but never really made eye contact – possibly because he was ashamed that he was such a dick about something pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway, when I go back on my meds, it makes my throat really dry and eventually I lose my voice because talking exacerbates the whole dry throat situation and that’s where I am right now. I sound deathly ill, but I’m just fine.

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One thought on “My voice is completely shot, and I have to run a staff meeting today

  1. i hope your boss felt like a fucking tool. i feel like you’re ALWAYS at work, going to work, or leaving work after a 14 hour day. i hope your voice comes back and you start to feel “normal”.

    Posted by Heather | December 14, 2008, 11:47 pm

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