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No Credit Refused

On a whim, we headed to this lame draught night that friends of friends were spinning. I never carry cash, and only transfer money onto my debit card (from a savings account) as needed. The main issue lies in the fact that my bank account is based in EST while I’m living in MST. No big deal really, but if I transfer money after 10 pm, I have to wait until midnight, my time, for it to be processed.

I go up to the bar and ask if they take credit. Her response:

“Uh, we do, but we’re trying not to take it tonight”

Well, I don’t carry cash, I stated blankly. “Yeah, sorry” and she threw up her hands for added effect.

I tried the bank machine in vain, but it kept going out of service.

“Can I just use my card? The machine isn’t working…”

“Uh, no. Not tonight”

WTF. Since when iis it so hard to buy a fucking drink in a bar?!

I actually had to leave the bar to take out money, ridic.

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