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Haste makes waste

…I bought a snowboard that I’ve since decided is much too small for me, so I’m selling it to a friend after convincing her that it’s much better suited for her.

I’m buying the Rome – Lo Fi in 153 to replace my current Rome Lo Fi in 150.

I was riding a 151 last year (the Rome Blue) and I liked the size but I swore I wasn’t going to go smaller. I bought the 150 a month or two ago even though I had wanted the 153 all along, because I was convinced that was the biggest size the shop was getting in stock, and I didn’t feel like being a pain and having them special order me a board since they’re already pulling string to get me that Holden jacket I’m in love with.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be the proud owner of a new snowboard by days end. I’m still on the lookout for last year’s Roxy Envi MTX in a 152 for a decent price (~$300 – shoot me an email/comment if you know someone who can hook me up).

On the subject of riding: I’ve been trying to get back into shape/my gym routine, which has meant iving up cigarettes once again, although I miss it less and less as the days go by. The running is the easy part, the yoga however, no so much. I’m going to running/yoga 5- 6x/week, and then snowboarding at least once a week once the conditions improve (read: we get snow).


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