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My best guy friends are total softies at heart

Mike and I always have the best conversations on our walk through the darkened parking lot after work. He’s young, younger than me at least, and learning to be completely unselfconscious about his feelings. It’s kind of refreshing to be able to have conversations without all the bullshit posturing.

We both expressed concern about another friend of our who recently got fired. He has a drinking/drug problem. He was in recovery, he stopped at some point because it wasn’t for him. He stayed on the wagon, but one day he fell off and he hasn’t looked back.

I feel like he’s falling into his old patterns again, I liked him a lot better when he was sober.

This will probably just push him over the edge again.

I really wish things weren’t like this – for all of our sakes.


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One thought on “My best guy friends are total softies at heart

  1. my best guy friends are softies too.

    i will be thinking of your friend with the addiction problem. it is SO difficult to cut the addiction, so i hope he can see where he’s headed and get back ON the wagon.

    as for quitting smoking, i’m “tapering” which has been working, so far, however i will look into the gum– i think it will help at work!


    Posted by Heather | November 15, 2008, 1:26 am

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