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Must Be Something in the Air

Awkward is probably the best word to describe how I felt this morning, especially since I was rolling in to work 10 minutes late after leaving very, very late from my apartment in totally inappropriate footwear considering the weather.

I slipped, and slip down the sidewalk while attempting to both remain upright, and on the sidewalk, as opposed to sliding under a bus (because then how would people get in – I had the keys).

I felt judged as I sauntered down the hall, as if I should be in mourning for a coworker who unexpectedly got the axe yesterday, but I was almost relieved that it wasn’t me (I get the impression that it was up in the air) as selfish as that is.

Mistakes were made, blah, blah, blah. But I couldn’t help but feel guilty that I was spared. This totally fucks up their department, and I’ll probably end up having to pick up the slack with more hours – and here I thought I’d be able to say goodbye to my 65+ hour workweeks?

Silly me.

If I make it out alive, I’ll owe myself something big – I’m thinking a new watch.


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