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The Hills: Back to LA

  • Tsk, tsk Lauren: everyone knows that by declaring being ‘over’ something it really means you can’t quite summon the words to describe how utterly not even close to over it you are
  • Lisa Love looks like an older version my mother, kinda terrifying
  • I don’t really understadn why Spencer expects sympathy from anyone, even She-Pratt has better sense than that
  • The way Heidi’s random co-worker asked about Spencer dating other people made me think that we’d see them hooking up in future episodes
  • I feel bad that I enjoy She-Pratt’s presence on the show so much. How sad is it that she’s the rational one, btw?
  • The music the episode sucks so far
  • “I can’t even imagine walking in here every day without seeing you” – Whitney

    Try not to smirk when you’re lying through your teeth Whit.

  • “You’re making a deal with the devil. You bascally have to give up your life. The good news is, you get a new one…” – Kelly Cutrone

    a Hills metaphor if I ever heard one.

  • I find it funny that she-pratt’s only requirement for her new fave restaurant is eggs benedict
  • Heidi – your new lips are a distraction, and they are all I can see when they pan across your face
  • OMG, Lauren totally channeled SJP parker when she declared “I feel like I haven’t gone out in so long. I’ve missed it so!” about LA’s nightlife…
  • Brody – friends don’t berate you in front of your other friends in a bar just because you didn’t say ‘hi’, for the record
  • When did Lo become so adult, she seems light years away from all the Laguna-style drama, unlike Lauren, who will always be embroiled in it
  • I loved Whitney’s little jacket with the ruffled collar that she was wearing as she cleaned out her desk

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