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Just Great

I just broke one of the keys off my laptops keyboard, gah! This sucks.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal were it not the command (Apple) key, so integral to my day-to-day life. I think it’s finally time to bite the bullet and order myself a new Mac.


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3 thoughts on “Just Great

  1. 😐 How did you break the key!?

    Posted by Fabulously Broke | February 22, 2008, 5:59 am
  2. It just gave way as I was typing. Since they’re removable, I just thought it came off, but upon closer inspection it was broken off at the hinge.My laptop is crazy old, um almost 6.5 years old. It’s from 2001. It was the first iBook model that came out after they became white instead of rainbow colours…

    Posted by team gingerbread | February 22, 2008, 8:12 am
  3. Frustrating!! But from the age of your laptop it seems to have given good service…I think the time may have come for an upgrade if the budget can stretch.Tracey

    Posted by Tracey | February 24, 2008, 12:27 am

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