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As I write this, I lie on my bed curled in a rather awkward position, but it’s only only one that allows my computer to charge and the green halo of power to appear on the ac cord. My new AC cord arrived on Friday (obviously not on Thursday, because it would be ridiculously convenient for something to actually coincide with my day off) but the depot is only open 9-5 M-F and I’m usually at work then (isn’t everybody?).

I’m taking the day off tomorrow to finish up the rest of my Christmas shopping and the the 500 or so errands I’ve been putting off but can put off no longer (including, but not limited to, the bank, the post office, and possibly Ikea if I’m feeling ambitious). Thankfully I can cross grocery shopping off my list because I think I’m going to tag along on the mid-week midnight shopping extravaganza.


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