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Breaking the Bank

I have a minor addiction to these shortbread cookies they have at Starbucks, going so far as to make a special trip, just to obtain said cookies. I stopped in on my way to work yesterday but I’d just had coffee at home so I was just getting the cookies. Their retail value is a paltry $1.10 but I almost never carry cash* so it was either credit or debit, I chose debit as the best of those options but the barista waved my hand away, angrily muttering that it was ridiculous to put it on a card and that he’d cover it – something about saving me bank fees. I protested but he insisted so I thanked him, then I took my two little cookies and crammed them in my pocket as I rushed out the door.

* I usually only have cash if I have a bigger wallet than the one I’m using now, which is a glorified wristlet that has room for business cards, a couple of loyalty cards, my ID, and various credit/debit. Since everything is loose in there it’s not really practical to tote around change.


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I'm not angry all the time, that's just how my face is.


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