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Groupies with Bad Timing

I’m back to my regular posting schedule (usually only during the week unless something amazing comes up) now that the month of daily posting has come and gone.

To celebrate nothing in particular exactly, me and a couple of the girls went out on Friday. I think the only plan was to get blindingly drunk, but we had a really good time. I hadn’t had the opportunity to see one of them in a really long time so it was good to catch up, even if it was in a loud bar and over 3 or 4 cab rides to and fro.

We started out at another mutual friend’s show, but we’d missed his band, we stayed for the rest of the show anyways and had a couple of drinks (though half of our party was already half cut) and made plans to make our way south.

There was confusion regarding who was actually going to call the cab which went unnoticed until we actually got outside (it was -25 C out so flagging one down would probably be faster than calling/waiting). We got this random cab from a company that neither of us had heard of, our cabbie had an iPhone and he didn’t really seem stoked about it. I peppered him with questions and asked him how he liked it so far and all I got was a tepid “It’s OK, I just got it a couple of days ago”.

Honestly, if I got an iPhone, you would never hear the end of it. Friendships would be ruined, because it would be all I talked about, so I was kinda taken aback by his lacklustre response. I wanted to ask if I could play with it for the duration of our ride, but he didn’t really seem like he’d be into that.

WE got a little sloppy, and encountered these two girls who apparently didn’t get the memo that you end up looking like a bit of a tool when you dress head-to-toe in one brand/store. We dubbed them ‘hiptards fantastico’ and spent the rest of the night mugging for photos and mocking them, quite loudly.

Someone suggested Denny’s but the food was horrible (surprise) and I left feeling queasy, from the undercooked hashbrowns and not the countless pitchers of beer. Work was fun the next day – I actually work better hungover, true story.


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One thought on “Groupies with Bad Timing

  1. ” I actually work better hungover,true story” lol!!!I hate hiptrads fantastico’s hahaha I might steal that term now. – 25 C, ouch that’s very painfull.

    Posted by Pink ditz | December 3, 2007, 9:06 pm

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