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September: A Month in Review

1. Labour Day weekend means the fall onslaught of my allergies…and a perpetual ‘I’m going to sneeze’ face – sexy

2. House parties are fun again when they’re toned down and attended sparingly…

3. Even if it is a hipster-laden one

4. I still need to decide on an outfit for the mid-month party

5. and apparently one for this spur-of-the-moment dinner as well

6. It is the week of revelations, and discoveries, some are better than others

7. It pays to save – my savings interest rates went up again this week, that two interest hike this past fiscal year, huzzah!

8. I love my new shoes, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to legitimately say that, but it’s true. I might have to buy a shirt to really get that point across

9. I’m a little bit behind on my plan to buy a new pair of shoes every week for a whole calendar year, but I’m lacking inspiration

10. L by L.A.M.B. – the fragrance, strangely reminiscent of Arm & Hammer scented carpet powder. It’s gross but intoxicatingly intriguing…talk to me in a few weeks an I’ll probably be morbidly obsessed with it

11. I seriously can’t get enough of Root Beer and Cream Soda-flavoured goodies

12. Now my new jacket is stained with hot chocolate – which means I won’t be able to wear it for a month until I do laundry

13. Lately I’ve been more concerned with buying clothes than shoes, maybe I’m going to change my stance on fall fashion being drab

14. I’ve finally had enough of my roommate so I’m moving – really I’m surprised that we lasted this long

15. You know you love me, xoxo. Gossip Girl – easily one of the best new shows this season

16. I’m just not into it, I can’t really explain why, I say just give it some more time…

17. I’m sick again, probably from stress, but it’s getting old quickly

18. Quarters are for chumps – hello in-suite laundry (and air conditioning!!!)

[I] Spit Hot Fire (Quotables)

“I just don’t understand why you’d sidle up behind someone when you were carrying two hot beverages…I mean one false move and bam, you’ve just scalded your testicles”

“I’m scared that I can see the outline of that guy’s penis…”
“I know, ridiculous! Could your pants be tighter buddy? I’m sure I could probably count your pubes if I needed to”

“Fuck! I was going to wear these pants out on Saturday, and now there’s jizz on them!”
“Uh, it’s donair sauce. I’m sorry, I can wash them…”
“No it’s fine. I don’t really care. I was just making a scene”

“You should have hooked up with him”
“Why are you so obsessed with us hooking up?”
“I dunno”
“I think it’s because that way you wouldn’t feel guilty about sleeping with The Rep if I did it too…”
“Hmmm, you might be right, but I don’t feel bad that I did it”

“Yeah, like even though I’m not really into him, I might just sleep with him anyways, you know?”

“So what if an animal rapes you? Is that the same thing as a tree falling in a forest?”


About Nico

I'm not angry all the time, that's just how my face is.


2 thoughts on “September: A Month in Review

  1. ha ha ha.i love the new gwen fragrance.but i’ve noticed it is definatelya LOVE or HATE thing between my friends. :] and best quote of the CENTURY:”Yeah, like even though I’m not really into him, I might just sleep with him anyways, you know?”love.it.:]

    Posted by Heather | September 30, 2007, 10:03 am
  2. I get fall allergies really bad…worse than spring allergies.You would think it would be the opposite. Isn’t everything supposed to die in the fall? This is the second comment I’ve left on your blog today that involves the word die. Sorry!

    Posted by stephanie | October 3, 2007, 5:56 pm

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