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I enjoyed a rather boisterous dinner with some of the girls after work on Thursday unfortunately our server was really shitty and our food wasn’t much better. The server kept repeatedly bringing us the worng stuff ranging from the minute (forgetting out salads) to the major (bringing us the wrong bill at the end of the night) – it was obvious that it just wasn’t his calling. I would have been able to unerstand the sub-par service if it had been busy but it wasn’t. There were literally 6 other tables seated in the restaurant and only two of them were in his section.

The dinner conversation ran the gamut from sex (naturally) to more sex (who we’d do if they were older) to this past weekend (which involved sex for some of us) and whether we’d sleep with certain people next time they were in town (ahem, RR) – very diverse, no?

The bill came after a rather unremarkable dining experience, and it was clearly the wrong bill as ours was supposed to be nearing $100 and the one face-down on the table was barely $25.

“Let’s just pay this one and peace”

suggested The Pansy.

“Uh, no, we can’t do that…” I countered “Why not? It’s the bill that was brought to us” she replied. “That’s just not how it works” added Cute ‘n’ Fresh.

The Air Hostess remained relatively silent throughout this whole exchange. “It’s definitely not worth it” I added “Whatever! It’s the bill he gave us” countered an exasperated Pansy.

“Ignorance is not an excuse…” Cute ‘n’ Fresh and I rationalized


In the end we ended up paying our correct bill while The Pansy grumbled about what pussies we all were and The Air Hostess drove us all home.


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One thought on “Sub-par

  1. It’s good karma to pay the right amount. But then again, maybe not paying the right amount is sticking it to the Man, and maybe you’re taking care of someone else’s karma. You just never know with these things.

    Posted by stephanie | September 24, 2007, 5:20 pm

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