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The Dinner Party

As seems to be tradition, we did the whole long-weekend dinner party thing wherein we watch whatever trashy offering MTV throws our way (The Hills + Aftershow) and made food (far too much – seriously, I think I threw up in my sleep that’s how stuffed I was).

The Bar Star and her boyfriend (who is as Hills-obsessed as we are) bickered about nagging issues, Mr. Fancy Pants got soused and tried to watch The Hills covertly beforehand because he couldn’t wait. The Archaeologist once again proved what a terrible vegan he is and scarfed down his fair share of the cheese-laden garlic bread while we alternately cooked and watched The Simple Life.

There was some Guitar Hero action but it consisted mostly of The Boyfriend playing by himself as most of the girls resent want nothing to do with the dreaded game.

I got very little sleep because of nagging acid reflux (see: I drink too much) and ended up waking up really early. I decided on a whim to dress up for work the next day (and by dress up I mean wear a nice shirt that doesn’t have a slogan printed on it and shoes that have straps and are made of leather instead of canvas) so that I could break in my new party shoes as the date looms in the future.

I got to work early only to discover that it was my day off, but I had the keys – really my own fault because I make the schedules so I have no one to blame but myself when I forget when I’m working…


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