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Sundays are for Simulated Gun Violence

The plan had been for a bunch of the kids from work to all go paintballing. It seemd like a good idea and the few that actuaklly showed up last time had a blast so I decided to join in this time around despite the fact that it’s been a really long two weeks and I have absolutely no desire to interact with people, but that nothing a little senseless gun violence can’t cure.

The paintballing place is literally almost an hour out of the city and of course we got a little lost on the way there, leading the car following us on a bit of a wild goose chase wherein a wild dog attacked their car door and in the mean time we kicked up enough dirt to alert the townspeople of our presence.

We were supposed to start around 7 but it was pushed back to 7:30 and we were the last cars to arrive (at 7:45 pm – because punctuality is for the weak) only to find that the gates had been locked and the place was shut down for a the night. Sucky!

I brought bug repellent (the really intense OFF! Deep Woods 25% deet kind because I heard the mosquitoes there were vicious – true story they were the size of city bees) and we waited around until we figured out a game plan.

A rather strongly-worded note was left on the property for the owners (the rest of the group was there on time) and we decided that if we drove all the way out the, we might as well drink in said small town (except there were a few people in our party who were underage – I made the brilliant proclamation that they were officially our new designated drivers).

Except we didn’t realize just how small this town was (the downtown area consisted of a few city blocks with two gas stations a couple of ‘no minors’-type pubs and various Mom and Pop stores – no Boston Pizza or the like in sight.

Eventually, it was decided that we’d all reconvene in the city and meet up at Earls for food and drinks. The dinner was so-so but you get what you pay for…


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