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On solid food

I’ve been really sick for the past week or so (my standard once-a-year bout of tonsillitis/strep throat) that meant I was on a strict liquid diet because I could barely swallow my own saliva, let alone soup, smoothies or whathaveyou. Which really sucks because not only am I starving, I’m also dehydrated which makes for a rather unpleasant combination.

All of a sudden I was having hot flashes for real (menopause? – it’s an inside joke more than anything else and definitely not to be repeated to my mother because as we all now know, menopause is a serious ailment and not a laughing matter) and finding myself short of breath on my three-floor trek to the nice washroom (I’m a germaphobe – but I don’t believe in Purell either) so I kinda clued in that something was up. Also, I have zero interest in food anymore.

I still had to finish my conversation with The Engineer so I headed over to his place after I went shopping (I was too sick to go to school, but nothing keeps me from shopping, except sleet but that’s where the internet comes in handy) and his first comment was “I think you have a problem” to which I was just like “Whaaa?” and he smiled and casually continued on with “Well, the last couple of times I’ve seen you you’ve been wearing sweaters, and I think you’re addicted” but it’s true, I love sweaters; the more grandfatherly, the better.

I explained to him it’s because almost every other article of clothing that I own is dirty so I had to go shopping. And I had wanted this sweater forever but I never got around to buying it, so when I saw it on sale for 40% off I had to take it. Then I had to wait for The Pansy to finish up her classes for the day so I ended up buying a book to pass the time along with a smoothie for sustenance, and shampoo/conditioner because I was out.

Then The Pansy showed up and we made our way across the pedway to The Bay to pick up some mascara, because we’re always arguing about who has the shorter lashes and her retort is always “It’s just my amazing mascara! You should try it” so I bought it, and $30 later I must say I’m impressed.

I also bought some denim shoes, because I love denim – but not when it comes to jean jackets, shorts, or vests, and some black raw jeans from Sweden as well as a watch (that I’ve wanted for 2+ years, new mitts, because my old gloves were crazy small, and some WESC tees (limited, yes!) and a hoodie, because black-on-black is totally my steez right now.

Ed: I totally forgot about this purple Artful Dodger tee and the Dim Mak hoodie I’vea wanted for ages!!!

After I ran through my little list, I was totally out of breath and he called me a shop-a-holic which I couldn’t really deny at this point and even my shopping partner in crime (a case of the pot calling the kettle black, no?) agrees.

We chatted briefly while we waited for the pizza, because I can’t argue on an empty stomach, but I was feeling really sick and could barely eat more than two bites and one wing so I settled for carrot sticks. We talked it out started watching a movie but I was so tired that I just ended up spending the night, although no hanky-panky ensued (see: “I could barely swallow my own saliva”).

I got very little sleep partly due to the hobo family reunion in the alley behind The Engineer’s place and partly because my throat was quickly becoming so swollen and filled with phlegm that even talking was becoming an issue. I looked and sounded disgusting but The Engineer thought it was cute and wouldn’t let me leave offering to make me tea and soup what seemed like every twenty minutes and because I was sick I found it to be rather endearing/cute instead of annoying/clingy.

Are you still with me? Good, because I almost forgot what the point of this post was:

That I’m no longer sick and I’m back on solid food, at least in theory. I’m still sick enough that coughing too hard will cause me to throw up but I can speak again (yay, more witty banter!). But my throat is still crazy sore all the time and I sound like a pack-a-day smoker when I wake up – hot.


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6 thoughts on “On solid food

  1. I always get throat stuff too. Strep throat sucks as an adult. At least when you’re little, there’s mom and dad to whine to but being an adult alone in your apartment with a high fever unable to swallow BLOWS!BTW, I have dark denim Pumas. Love ’em.

    Posted by S* | January 23, 2007, 1:48 pm
  2. yuck girlie!i hope that shit gets better asap.that does not sound good. seriously. ♥

    Posted by Heather | January 23, 2007, 5:11 pm
  3. I’m glad you’re back and better and I get to read more about you and the Engineer! You’re my favorite daytime soap.

    Posted by Maritza | January 23, 2007, 7:06 pm
  4. s* – sounds sweet, I’ve been obsessed with denim footwear as of lateheather – thanksmaritza – lol, we try

    Posted by team gingerbread | January 24, 2007, 11:49 am
  5. You are SUCH a freakin’ tease!What is the name of the amazing mascara???? Lashless girls everywhere want to know!OK, fine, so it’s just lashless me freezing my poshly-scented ass off in Wisconsin, but I still gotta know!

    Posted by Serra | January 25, 2007, 3:52 pm
  6. serra – lol, it’s Lancome Hypnose

    Posted by team gingerbread | January 25, 2007, 4:02 pm

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