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Mad libs and other delightful observations

The Pansy: You know what I could really go for right now?
Team Gingerbread: Dick?
The Pansy: Shut up!
Team Gingerbread: …or were you going to say candy, which has been your substitute as of late?


Team Gingerbread: So what’s in the bag?
The Pansy: Um, candy and batteries
Team Gingerbread: So standard!

Team Gingerbread: Maybe I’ll buy The Engineer some Crocs for Christmas, then we can match
The Pansy: You have Crocs?
Team Gingerbread: No, but I’ve heard they’re really comfortable
The Pansy: Ew!
Team Gingerbread: Whatever! No one needs to know what happens behind closed doors. They’d be for home use anyways…
The Pansy: Uh ok, like [my] pirate porn?
Team Gingerbread: (laughing) Yeah, like that
The Pansy: What? I like porn…and pirates are hot! The Gentle Giant would make a good pirate
Team Gingerbread: Whatever, at least your fetish is less embarrassing.

The Cave Dweller: So how was your movie?
The Pansy: Uh, it was good
The Cave Dweller: What was it called again?
The Pansy: (sheepishly) Pirates
Th Cave Dweller: (quietly) Is it porn?
The Pansy: Yeah
The Cave Dweller: No, I’ve rented it, that’s a good one!

(the last one was only funny because she was scared to get a pap smear/pregnancy test, yet has no problem renting porn)


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3 thoughts on “Mad libs and other delightful observations

  1. You so crazee!Don’t forget to send me either your home address or email to get your xmas card.

    Posted by Maritza | November 29, 2006, 8:57 am
  2. For sure lady. I can’t wait to see OG’s creation.

    Posted by team gingerbread | November 29, 2006, 9:08 am
  3. you crack me up.i love it.xox ♥

    Posted by Heather | November 29, 2006, 11:21 am

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