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Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

I was excited, nay elated, that I would actually be able to enjoy my one day off this week, only to lose my debit card sometime last week, no biggie, I have to swing by the bank to pick up rent anyways, but the voicemail message I got this morning topped it off.

Apparently, something was wrong with the labelling on my bloodwork and I have to go in on my day off this week, great. Oh well, I suppose it could have been worse, I was really worried when she called though, because she called 4 or 5 times, and they never call, unless something is really wrong, so I suppose that’s a relief, but still incredibly inconvenient.

I’ve also decided to go on somewhat of a shopping spree at work, and if I end up buying everything that strikes my fancy I’ll have spent upwards of $600, and that’s with my discount, but I work in a semi high-priced skate boutique so that’s to be expected, and I’m in desperate need of new stuff, and I’m going to try to limit myself to stuff that we only have one left in my size/one left in the store and I can see it selling before it goes on sale.

The tentative list:

1 Boxfresh skirt ($80)
1 WESC Cardigan – It’s the sweetest, most comfortable sweater ever and its almost $200 price tag is almost totally justified ($190)
3 Obey shirts – although I might be able to get them on sale online, but these are selling like hotcakes ($180 for all three)
1 Obey hat – kinda like the one I just bought, but grey and better ($39.99)
1 WESC tank top – but it can be worn to the bar (~$60)
1 Fenchurch crew neck – although I’m on the fence about this one because it hasn’t been selling well, and I really can’t see myself getting that much use out of it because it’s ridiculously thin, except that I can wear it to work (~$90)

I know this list seems really long and cost-prohibitive, but I’ve been eyeing this stuff forever at work and haven’t changed my mind. I’ve been prtty good about spending money (I’ve only bought a hat, a wallet, a purse, and flip flops so far) at work so far, so I think I deserve this, don’t I?


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