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Sharing – not just for kids anymore

One of the joys of iTunes is the ability (if you turn the feature on) for others to browse your music collection if you’re all on the same network, be it an office, using free wireless at the university or in your own home.

I share my music because I’m kind of an elitist music snob (but don’t call me that to my face) and I feel that more people should be listening to the great music that I enjoy. I share my iTunes in hope of enlightening the unenlightened who have yet to discover great new remixes and covers by surprising artists.

As proud as I am of my musical tastes, I use a pseudonym on my iTunes lest someone feel the need to judge me based on the 3 Lindsay Lohan songs I also have on my computer. We’ve all got those songs that need to be prefaced with a “It sounds lame, but you just have to hear it. It’s really not that bad”.

Last night, The Christitute and I were sitting in her room playing a little game called Guess who’s music you’re listening to – I know the name needs a little work, but it’s fun nonetheless and we stumbled upon a vast collection of music…and videos!

The names of the videos is what really piqued our interest, the most fascinating ones being porn of course. I love porn as much as the next person (maybe even more), but it doesn’t really get me off. I may even have porn on my computer, but it’s certainly not on my iTunes because I don’t really need everyone and their dog knowing how many times I’ve watched Colin Farell’s sex tape (it’s a classic, btw).

So we’re scrolling through literally hours worth of porn and racking our brians trying to figure out who it could belong to. One of the girls is out because she’s out of town, we thought of our schizo new roomie for a second, but figured she probably would have told us about it since she’s an over-sharer, Chase is out of town, so that’s out too, The Roadtrip Queen was in the running for a while because she was home, but her iTunes also has a lot of Disney music on it so when we couldn’t find any of that she was ruled out as well, which left myself, TC, and dear sweet Quinaline. TC was eliminated because we were on her computer, and my computer was sleeping which meant it could only have been Quin.


I just never pictured Quin to be an inter-racial porn devotee (one of the videos featured a performer by the name of Africa Sexxx – not kidding!)

*and on the subject of sex, these two technical virgin mock PSA’s totally slayed me. They star Melanie Martinez, once a host on a PBS Kids’ show (“The Good Night Show”), until she was fired after some higher ups uncovered these videos she had made around 7 years ago.


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