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Summer Doldrums

The errand girl

It doesn’t even feel like I’ve had a day off yet.

Yesterday was my supposed one day respite from the daily grind, and guess what time I dragged myself out of bed on my leisurely day off – yeah 8 am, I live a charmed life.

I had so many miscellaneous errands to run that I was out of the house from 9:45-5:30, although at least now I have some groceries to show for it so that I don’t have to subsist on coffee with nutrasweet/coffeemate (the true breakfast of champions)

All told, I accomplished all but a few of my errands, but I can finish that up today at work, I just didn’t feel like trekking all the way to the West End to pick up flip flops that I wouldn’t be able to wear because it was raining, and I’m not really sure if I need to buy the new Matix purse from work (it’s called the Fairuza Tote, it’s under accessories, but I want it in brown) but I probably will.

I also snagged some tickets to the MSTRKRFT show next Wednesday, so I’m pretty pumped. Almost as pumped as I am about agonizing over what to eat again, because you know, I have more than two options now. Maybe today will be blueberries and cottage cheese for breakfast.

I’m out


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