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The cure for hangovers isn’t high-maintenance customers

So Wednesday night’s excursion to the strippers was fairly uneventful except that both The Christitute and I got really, really smashed and I realized what a bad decision that was on the way to/during my shift at work yesterday.

The next day [at work] dragged on, and I was so incredibly lethargic that it felt like I had been there for 15 hours when it was only really 8, nice.

We were by far the rowdiest group of girls there, and we spent the entire night cheering (making asses of ourselves) for Moniq’ua (this girl that TC and I met in the bathroom) who was competing in the Erotic Water Wrestling contest – the only requirements seeming to be how hard you could grind your crotch into the other contestants face whilst simulating sex in any way you could.

We closed down the bar, some randoms sent over drinks for us, which was pretty sweet, and TC paid for everything else, insisting that it was her treat.


On the job front, I’ve finished my first round of interviews for that Apple job, and I’ve got my second one today, so if all goes well, I’ll be rocking a new iPod by the beginning of the school year.

I’m not really excited to be working yet another job, but I really have a ton of stuff I need to buy by the end of the summer and my promo jobs pay almost double what my regualr jobs do, so it’s a no-brainer.

It was difficult customer day yesterday at the skate shop as each interaction with customers made me increasingly irate/mean – so much so that when I was leaving for my break and this kid tumbled down the stairs, I laughed a little a lot (he wasn’t hurt though, it was just an awkward slow-motion type fall).

Maybe I don’t shop enough, but I’ve never been in a store (shoe or otherwise) where I just grabbed the display models off the wall and tried to cram my foot into it – if you want to try it on, I can get you a pair.

People just don’t seem to realize that those shoes are part of a pair of shoes that will eventually be sold. Display models are normally in the size 6-7 range so that they fit on the pegs (and shoes just look cuter when they are smaller).

Nor is it ever acceptable to just go around opening boxes or picking through boxes that we’re unpacking.

We unpack stuff in the store because we have nowhere else to do it, but most of the stuff we unpack/tag isn’t for our store, and just gets shipped out when we’re done. So please, stop rifling though the boxes.

Also, if I’m trying to tell you that a particular brand of shoes fits small, it’s not because I care (although I do), but rather that I don’t feel like lacing up a pair of shoes that I know won’t fit/having to get another pair with a ladder. Please take my word on it, I don’t come to your work and tell you how to do your job.

By far my favourite boneheaded question is the “Do you have this in another colour?”

Uh, do you see it on the wall in a different colour, that’s all we have. Why would we have a private cache of shoes in the back that no one could see – except on demand.

Does that even make sense to you?

“I’m so glad you asked, let me check!” (gingerbread walks away and never comes back)

I could maybe understand if it was clothing, because often (more so in shirts and sometimes skate decks) brands like RVCA will only send us certain colours in one size, so if we sell it, we might have a couple more in the back, but because it’s a small store most of our stock is in plain sight.

Thank you for shopping in my store.


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