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The Mean Girls & Me

Today is my first day back at work after 4 days off, and I’m actually kind of excited.

I started my new job (working at the all-female skate shop) about a month ago, and according to one of the girls there, I’ve already worked my way into the ‘work clique’, which I didn’t even really realize we had, but I suppose when you work (or even live) in an all-female environment, that factions form quickly – I mean look at my sorority house, we’re all friends but some people are better friends than others.

The girls I work with are incredibly bitchy (but I’m no different) and for the most part, we all get along together and even hang out a lot outside of work. I’ve never really had a bad day after being reamed out by a customer, because the second an evil or unreasonable customer leaves we have an informal trash-talking session, which is very cathartic.

Not very mature, but I’m not exactly known for my maturity.

We do not, however, have a burn book – shoe bible, yes, burn book, no.

So to set a skate shop rumour to rest: Yes, we are silently judging you.


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