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Summer Doldrums, Summer Reading

Desperately seeking summer (reading) – and a retraction

So I had previously stated that I didn’t think that opposites attract – my lovely roommate, The Christitute, informed me that I was wrong and that they do, in fact, attract because we’re total opposites and also really good friends. I should have clarified that I meant romantically.

It’s so humid here and it makes me miss being at home so much. Edmonton is ridiculously dry, and almost rarely humid, so while everyone else is complaining about the humidity, I’m reveling in it. It’s not summer in my mind, unless is oppressively hot for at least 2 months straight.

Too bad I won’t get to enjoy it for the most part, because I’ll be trapped in an air-conditioned mall for the better part of the day/evening, most likely unpacking hoardes of sweet new Franklin&Marshall stuff.

I’ve also long since finished all the books on my summer reading list and am now in desperate need of new books to keep the freaks/creeps from engaging in inane conversation with me on my daily commute to work. My gay boyfriend suggested I pick up Pink Blood because I’ve been meaning to read it ever since he raved about it last year, but I’d never gotten around to actually looking for it at the bookstore.

For now, I guess I’ll have to re-read Lauren Weisberger’s Everyone Worth Knowing and eat bon bons.


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