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Countdown to ‘Le Weekend’

I feel like this week is going to drag on forever and it hasn’t even started yet.

I’m ridiculously excited to see Neko Case perform on Wednesday and I won’t have to work for three days straight beginning on Thursday night.

This weekend is the first road trip of the summer and we’re hitting up the Stampede! I’m a Stampede virgin so it should be good, although I’ll have to ditch out on the rides because they make me puke, not so hot.

But, I’ll make up for it by being the drunkest one in our group (well, that’s my goal at least The Chrisitute is pretty good at stealing my drunk thunder though) on the pubcrawl.

Work on Sunday was predictably really busy, but almost entirely uneventful, and when we weren’t crazy busy the girls at work and I regaled each other with tales of Canada Day debauchery.


My very drunk (and possibly crazy) roommate, The Fauxhawk, just returned from a night out on the town with her scuzzy modded car friends and exclaimed:

“I’m not drunk! Wait am I drunk? Why did my purse just fall down?”

She may or may not engage in very loud drunk sex with her strange manfriend, somebody save me!

I just can’t picture this girl grasping the concept of ‘courtesy music’ since she isn’t able to pick up on other social cues as evidenced by the following excerpt from an msn convo with The Christitute about The Fauxhawk:

[team gingerbread]…I have a full-time job, I go out every night – random, a guy just showed up at our with with delivery pizza, except no one knows who ordered it

Pledge Master [Pancake] – hmm

[team gingerbread]…I have a full-time job, I go out every night – [the fauxhawk] just tried to parlay that situation into a conversation with me – awkward

[team gingerbread]…I have a full-time job, I go out every night – …and then i’m just like “i’m not wearing a bra, does it look like i want to chat”?


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