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At a loss

I'm really torn here. I'd love to confront my roommate about her excessive drinking but I'm just not quite sure the right way to approach the subject.  There really no way to phrase "Um, I think you've got a problem and you're drinking away your pain" in such a way that people don't get offended and run off into the night.

I think the biggest part of my dilemma stems from the fact that I have a couple other roommates that are unknowingly pressuring me to do something with talk of "we should really intervene", "she has been drinking a lot", and "I'm just really worried for her"

My only problem with these statements is that while you may be worried, wouldn't it be more beneficial to everyone if you directed this supposed worry in her direction, and simply talked to her, and not about her behind her back.

Another thing that's holding me back is that I knid of know what her reaction will be, and it probably won't be too pleasant. I'm not the type of person whol ikes to go into something knowing full well that failure is not only a possiblity, but the probable outcome.

But ultimately it comes down to self-centeredness and immature reasoning. Partly, I'm angry that they feel she has a problem when one of the accusers is clearly hooked on pills, and partly I wonder if they're saying the same thing about me when I'm not around.

I got my answer last night, and I was actually surprised… 


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