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The Laguna Beach Drinking Game

In honour of the obsession (read: Pancake and Gingerbread’s pathetic obsession with Laguna Beach) – the Laguna Beach drinking game:

* If there’s ever an awkward pause in a conversation, one person puts a sip of their drink in the middle cup.
* If Jason totally lies to a girl, all guys drink.
* If Jessica claims she’s over Jason, all girls drink.
* If Talan claims to love/like either Kristin or Taylor, everyone drinks.
* If any of the girls go shopping, all the boys drink.
* Any time the boys go surfing, all the girls drink.
* If Lo says anything at all, everyone does a shot.
* If LC is happy for more than 10 consecutive seconds, everyone drinks.
* If Kristin talks about hooking up, all single people drink.
* Any time Cedric, “Jason’s friend”, say something, all people missing a chromosome drink.
* Any time Alex M. says anything, everyone with an STD drinks.
* If any of the cast goes to a ridiculously expensive restaurant on a date, everyone drinks.
* Any time Stephen gets dissed by Kristin, everyone drinks.
* Any time Taylor says anything, anyone who looks like they were beaten half to death with a 2×uc0 × has to drink.
* Any time there’s a blatant shot of Jessica’s HUGE tits, everyone does a shot.
* If Casey mentions “Quesadillas”, everyone who doesn’t get it drinks.
* Whenever Kristin rolls her eyes, each girl can give out one drink.
* Whenever Jason doesn’t make eye contact, each guy can give out one drink.
* Any time someone watching the show says “This shit is so scripted”, that person has to do a shot.
* Any time someone says “So what’s up with you and _______ ?”, anyone in a relationship has to drink.
* When someone explicitly mentions sex, the last person in the room to have lost their virginity drinks the center cup.

I’d like to thank my friend Dave for filling my inbox with gems like these!

and now, back to the LB binge-athon


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