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I am such a knob!

I was patting myself on the back for actually getting stuff done today despite my raging hangover. I was so accomplished today, that I actually had some free time on my hands, and decided to catch up on some blogs that I read, but on a weekly basis because I’m so busy. Then I decided to make this recipe, and headed to the grocery store to pick up some supplies.

I’m browsing the baking aisle, and my phone rings, but I don’t answer it because my hands are full, and I’m listening to music. At the checkout, I notice that whoever it was left me a message, and I check my voicemail and it’s my marketing company boss.

“Strange” I think to myself, “Why would she be calling me?” The message is kinda long-winded so I just use instant-reply (this nifty voicemail feature that lets me call whoever called me back right from the voicemail). The reason she called, I missed the conference call that was scheduled for today!

The worst part about this? That for the past 3 hours I had been doing absolutely nothing, this blows.

In other news, my bar boss called to ask me if I’d take a shift on the last day of classes.

Tiff: Hey can you work the 3-8 shift on the last day of classes?

Gingerbread: Um sure

Tiff: Thanks so much, do you know anyone who’d want the 10:30-3 shift? I don’t suppose you’d want to work that as well?

Gingerbread: Uh, no sorry. Wait, is the 10:30-3 shift in the morning?

Tiff: Yeah

Gingerbread: Oh score, actually I’d prefer to work that one, because then I can get my drink on afterwards

Tiff: (laughs) Yeah

Gingerbread: Wow, that was so unprofessional

Tiff: No, no. I can totally understand where you’re coming from


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